Spousal training

Trans-West is Canada’s best company for team drivers!

More than 60% of our drivers are partnered in teams; it’s a winning formula!

In order to facilitate transition for women in the transport industry, we offer a training program for spouses of our drivers.

Trans-West’s offer for spouses:

  • Solid training program
  • Personalized teaching adapted to specific needs
  • We offer support and supervision until you obtain your Class 1 permit
  • Financial support for the trainee
  • Periodic meetings with Trans-West personnel to insure proper follow-up
  • Training on trucks with automatic transmission
  • Flexible hours, ideal for couples with family obligations

We are looking for applicants:

  • in a stable relationship
  • who have functional knowledge of English
  • with no  criminal record
  • with a valid passport
  • negative drug test results
  • driver must have a minimum of 3 years verifiable experience in US bound deliveries
  • driver spouse must be employed by Trans-West

Why drive in Team?

Let’s hear it from our drivers!


“I wanted to be a French school teacher when Jonathan approached me and asked if I wanted to work with him. I had no previous knowledge or experience with mechanics. I started from scratch. But I was motivated and eventually succeeded. We’re now living this great adventure together. We live in Gaspesie and take care of our many children. Despite our life on the road, Trans-West has always been flexible and respectful of our family situation. I finally found a job that keeps us happy and fulfills our needs.”

Lydia & Jonathan

Chantale et Éric“I use to work as an electro-mechanic when I decided to follow a course in order to join Eric on the road. I absolutely love it!” says Chantale. “It’s very reassuring to drive with my boyfriend. We offer each other support through our respective strengths. The dynamic is quite positive because we’re always looking out for one another and are always mindful of the other’s happiness.”

“Furthermore”, says Eric, ”the pressure is considerably lower when you drive with your spouse. We never get bored and are less anxious to get back home.”

Chantale & Éric

Martine et Jean-François“I was barely in my twenties when I started out with my brother in the trucking business. As young lady hanging out in truck stops on the East coast, it was quite scary and challenging at times. After a while, I stopped and took up a good and important government job, a dream career working in administration! But after 10 years, I started to feel a little bored… When Jean-Francois suggested getting back on the road, I accepted. I now feel much safer with Jean Francois around, and  little by little, I’m building up my confidence.”

Martine & Jean-François

Share this experience on the road with your life partner!

To find out more about our training program, please contact us right away!