Compensation plan

Earn up to $0,51/mi


The best plan in the business!

At Trans-West, we reward drivers who reach their mileage objectives by adding bonuses to their regular pay.

For example, a driver who travels more than 110,000 miles annually receives an extra $0,06/mi driven for that year.

We also have bonus plans for Western Canada and Washington state destinations. These bonuses are applicable to the total mileage of such trips.

  • Western Canada: +$0,055/mile
  • Washington (Oct 15th to April 1st): +$0,035/mile

Please keep in mind these bonuses are added to the base salary. Base salaries vary given driver experience.

See a typical pay example

The first example shows the pay stub information of an experienced driver with deliveries in Western Canada; a 7150 miles trip in 7 days:

  • Base salary according to your experience up to $0,395/mi
  • Western Canada bonus: +$0,055/mi
  • Bonus for total yearly mileage >110000 miles : +$0,06/mi
  • Pay for this trip: $0,51/mi + benefits
  • Total revenue per driver: $1823,25 per trip, ($260,46 per day worked)

Considering that a typical California bound trip with Trans-West is around 6 days* and amounts to 6200 miles, drivers can earn more than $260 per day worked! This represents $520 per day and $3200 total for the trip per couple!

* NOTE : The average duration for a California bound trip is 6 days;  some trips may be shorter.